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The competition for social good.
Every participating nonprofit wins, But only one Team will be champion!

{{awarding_message}} $550,000 Awarded

Charity Champions League™ is free to play, thanks to generous support from:



What is Charity Champions League™?

This one-of-a-kind “giving competition” was designed to give everyone the chance to support some of the nation’s most effective nonprofit organizations—for free. Between June 1 and June 15, score points for your Team’s nonprofit by Viewing and Sharing the stories on the Charity Champions League™ website, and by Recruiting your friends to play, too. On June 15, every participating nonprofit is guaranteed to receive at least $5,000. The Team with the highest total score will be awarded $250,000 for their nonprofit! For more details, please see the Rules.

Where Does The Prize Money Come From?

Generous supporting brands have contributed the prize money for Charity Champions League™. Like you, they want to make it possible for the participating nonprofit organizations to continue their critical work. For more details, please see the Rules.

Thanks To Everyone Who Played Charity Champions League™!

Everyone who played made it possible for the participating 11 nonprofit organizations to receive a combined total of $550K in funding from supporting brands. Scroll down for the final standings.