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Effective Date October 1, 2016

Viewers to VolunteersTM Terms and Conditions

These Terms and Conditions, along with our (“EcoMedia”, “our” “us” or “we”) Terms of Use (http://legalterms.cbsinteractive.com/terms-of-use), our Privacy Policy (http://legalterms.cbsinteractive.com/privacy), our Mobile App End User License Agreement (http://legalterms.cbsinteractive.com/eula), and our Video Services and Social Networking Policy (http://legalterms.cbsinteractive.com/video-services) (collectively “Terms”) govern your use of the EcoMedia Viewers to VolunteersTM (hereinafter “V2V”) websites, applications, and other products offered by EcoMedia or its affiliates (collectively the “Services”).

Please review these Terms carefully before using the Services. By using any of the Services, you accept these Terms and agree to be legally bound by them.

1. Updates & Changes

These Terms are effective as of the Effective Date above and any applicable Effective Dates contained in the links above (collectively the “Effective Date”). If you have not reviewed these Terms since the Effective Date, please review these updated Terms carefully before using any Services.

We may change these Terms (including but not limited to our Terms and Conditions, Terms of Use, Privacy Policy, Mobile App End User License Agreement, and Video Services and Social Networking Policy) at our discretion in the future, so we encourage you to periodically review these Terms. If you do not agree with any changes to these Terms, your sole remedy is not to use the Services. If you continue to use the Services after we change these Terms, you accept all changes.

EcoMedia reserves the right to modify and/or terminate any and all Services consistent with its Terms of Use (http://legalterms.cbsinteractive.com/terms-of-use) and with these Terms and Conditions.

2. The Viewers to VolunteersTM Program (“V2V Program”)

As of the Effective Date, the V2V Program has become inactive. All funds generated by the V2V Program prior to the Effective Date have already been or will thereafter be distributed to the participating third party nonprofit organizations (“NPOs”).

From and after the Effective Date, your continued use of the Services or other participation in the V2V Program will not result in the accumulation of any V2V Points (see below), nor in any monetary or tangible benefits to you, nor can your participation in the V2V Program be traded, exchanged, redeemed, or used to purchase any tangible or intangible goods or services.

Your participation in the V2V Program does not constitute a tax-deductible contribution to any participating NPOs. Please consult a tax professional for questions about your taxes.

3. V2V Account

As of the Effective Date, you may no longer register a new V2V account (“V2V Account”). As of the Effective Date, all V2V Accounts have been deactivated (i.e., you are no longer able to access a V2V Account, nor are you able to access information regarding a V2V Account’s prior activity).

4. Third Parties

If you elect to visit a third party site through a link in our Services, you will be leaving EcoMedia’s Services. EcoMedia is not responsible for any content or websites of third parties, nor are we responsible for third parties’ actions or omissions.

We are not responsible for any personal information, including but not limited to personally identifiable information, financial information, and/or other sensitive information, that you may provide to a third party.

You cannot directly donate money or other financial support to NPOs organizations through the Services, nor by using the Services are you under any obligation whatsoever to do so. Should you desire to make any monetary donations, grants, financial support, or other charitable gifts to a NPO, you may engage directly with such NPO order to do so, and EcoMedia shall not be responsible in any way for such transaction.

5. Volunteer Events

As of the Effective Date, a listing of volunteer events offered by NPOs (collectively “Volunteer Events”) is no longer accessible via the Services.

6. V2V Points

As of the Effective Date, the Services no longer provide you with an opportunity to earn V2V Points.

Prior to the Effective Date, by engaging with content on the Services, you may have accumulated V2V Points in a V2V Account. V2V Points are not real money and have no monetary value. V2V Points cannot be traded, redeemed or used to acquire anything of monetary value.

As of the Effective Date, all V2V Points have been distributed as follows: 1) at 11:59 pm PT on September 30, 2016, any remaining V2V Points (if any) in a V2V Account were automatically distributed evenly to the NPO(s) that you previously designated to receive your V2V Points by selecting one (1) or more cause areas. If you did not select at least one (1) cause area to receive V2V Points prior to the Effective Date, then EcoMedia has distributed any remaining V2V Points in a V2V Account to one (1) or more NPOs in its sole discretion.

7. Privacy

EcoMedia will maintain any personal information that you privately provide to us in compliance with our Privacy Policy (http://legalterms.cbsinteractive.com/privacy).

8. Social Media

You are permitted to share limited V2V content on your social media account(s). Your participation in the V2V Program through your social media account(s) is governed by our Video Services and Social Networking Policy (http://legalterms.cbsinteractive.com/video-services).

9. Intellectual Property

EcoMedia’s business model, Services, intellectual property, and all components thereof are Content as defined in the Terms of Use (http://legalterms.cbsinteractive.com/terms-of-use). As between you and us, EcoMedia will retain all right, title, and interest in and to the Services and Content.

10. Mobile Devices

If you choose to use EcoMedia’s Services on a mobile platform, then you agree to be bound by our Mobile App End User License Agreement (http://legalterms.cbsinteractive.com/eula) and our Terms of Use relating to Mobile Features (http://legalterms.cbsinteractive.com/terms-of-use). Data rates may apply.

11. Miscellaneous

To access a copy of the previously effective terms and conditions which governed the web-based Services, please send a request to: v2v@ecomediacbs.com

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